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Leadership Begins With You

Gone are the days where organisations thrived from applying the same old leadership philosophies. Now is the time to realise that organisations of the future are the ones who have leaders that can lead from a place that is true, authentic and unique to their core selves.
The diversity of ideas, inventions and decisions that come from self-aware leaders are what will enable organisation of the future to thrive. Emerging from humble beginnings, Zipho shares how being an authentic and effective leader of self and others enabled her to beat the odds, achieve outstanding success and overcome the barriers that that continue to cripple business leaders worldwide.


Vuca – Adapting to Change and Uncertainty

We should all take responsibility for leading ourselves and businesses to success in 5 years from now and beyond. The talk will cover how leaders can be better positioned to respond and thrive in the current environment of constant change and uncertainty. It starts with first understanding how to adapt how we lead ourselves and others in response to the new reality of a VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity). The talk will lean on how Zipho Sikhakhane leveraged a continuously agile and non-conformist approach towards leadership in order to break the barriers to success.
The talk will equip each participant with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and to progress on their way to achieving outstanding performance.


Millennials in the Future World of Work

The increasing number and influence of the millennial generation at work creates a need for redefining the future world of work. They bring new perspectives on work, relationships and structures that are needed for success. As a millennial who has worked with the both the Gen X and Baby Boomers, Zipho shares insights on how to effectively collaborate across generations to gain from the benefits of diversity in unlocking business potential.
The talk is motivating, insightful and paradigm shifting.



What Customers Centricity Really Means

A lot of companies around the world are forgoing the old traditional business strategy and are adopting the customer-centric approach – which involve putting the customer first. With all the pressures on the local and global economy, it is time we reinvent our organisations, people and mindsets to ensure improved customer retention and financial success.
Zipho Sikhakhane has led, designed and implemented customer centricity programmes as a leader in large organisations locally and internationally. Leaning on her experiences and expertise, she shares insights on how organisations that aspire to make it to the next era need to go beyond the typical customer strategies and begin redefining a new way of meeting customer needs, one that is customised for the local context.
The keynote is encouraging, practical and offers actionable solutions.


From Startup to the Giants of Tomorrow

Zipho has spent her career investing and helping entrepreneurs build businesses that will last and achieve scalable growth. She has been an entrepreneur since as early as the age of five years old and graduated from Stanford University in Silicon Valley in the United States, the global hub of entrepreneurship and innovation. She shares the latest insights on the opportunities and pitfalls faced by entrepreneurs, both in the local and global context. She has spent over two years publishing her insights and successful entrepreneurial stories as a weekly business columinist for the Sunday Times in South Africa.
The talk will be motivating, insightful and practical.


Achieving Sustainable Growth in Africa

Africa presents immeasurable growth opportunities for local and multi-national corporations. The businesses that can successfully tap into these opportunities are ones that understand the importance of having a long-term perspective and adapting their leadership approaches to the local context.
Zipho leans on her own experiences of having successfully developed and implemented business strategies for leading corporations in South Africa and the rest of the continent and having invested venture capital in early stage companies across the continent.
She has delivered talks around the world on the progress and potential of African economies. The talk will be captivating, motivating and encouraging.




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