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Cultural Disruption

Transform your Culture to Innovate: In this compelling & entertaining talk, Vivek shares how you can innovate to become a great brand. He shows how you need to disrupt your business culture to connect with different stakeholder groups & cultures (e.g. millennials) – or risk extinction. And he then presents a toolkit allowing you to innovate for such diverse users. This toolkit gives you superpowers like: getting into your customer’s head to figure out what they’re thinking; how to harness the potential of “power users” of your product; and how to unlearn bad habits so that your mind becomes a powerhouse of creativity. Woven around these concepts is his hilarious personal journey, from growing up in small-town Botswana, to working in the USA for Harley-Davidson, to returning to SA. He also draws on simple examples from industries like technology, fashion, aviation, and the public sector.

The Assimilation

How to go from being a vulnerable outsider, to an internal collaborator, driving innovation & growth. This talk will enable you to use your position as an “outgroup” member as a strength rather than a weakness. With the world becoming increasingly more diverse (culturally, gender, and class), you’ll acquire assimilation tools to navigate a variety of leadership environments. Vivek’s global background, education, and experience, has positioned him to develop tools to equip leaders from all walks of life & backgrounds.


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