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Meet Sylvester Moepya

Sylvester Mashilo Manthata (nee Moepya) is a dynamic, inspiring and authentic entrepreneur, speaker and mentor

He has over 14 years’ experience in senior and executive management roles in Education, Social Development, Technology, Business Services and Logistics. He is a regular contributor to national dialogues and convenings tackling the economic exclusion of South Africa’s youth from the mainstream economy. Sylvester is a multi-skilled professional with a background in Sales, Facilitation & Training, Human Capital, Strategy Consulting, Broadcasting, Business Management to name a few of his expertise. Sylvester has throughout his professional career been deeply drawn to social 

development and impact work. This area of interest translated to his personal and spiritual life as a devout member of Rhema Bible Church. Sylvester’s professional accomplishments were however over time overshadowed by his brokenness and reckless life choices. A perfect storm of despair and emptiness followed his discovery in 2015 of a deep betrayal about his identity. This discovery brought with it deep pain, a feeling of irreparable loss and grief. He over a period of 4 years began a journey to re-trace his roots and claim back his true identity as a child of the Manthata family.


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