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Meet Sipho Mnyakeni

Sipho Mnyakeni has dedicated his life towards a bigger role of personal development and life coaching.

He has dabbled in a number of initiatives from youth worker, church leader, public speaker, academic, poet, music and theatre practitioner and poet. Sipho has spent his life in the first four decades in three provinces: Free State, Gauteng and KZN. He has stayed in almost every social status environment. This has enlarged his thinking and taught him how to interact with almost anyone regardless of position or class. His life goals gradually zooms into becoming an agent of change, IMPACTER, as he calls it.While Sipho Mnyakeni addresses a wide range of audience profiles, he has a special interest in inspiring School Leadership, Educators, Youth Groups and Student Leaders. He is a person development practitioner, life and leadership coach, inspirational speaker and counter culture activists whose 

life mission is to Impart and Impact.Sipho holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology from the University of the Free State. Sipho has worked various jobs, amassing a variety of skills and experience. From Psychology Lecturer, Regional Sales Manager and Heading Student Development, he is a well-travelled facilitator of people development.
Sipho is currently the Executive Chairman of the IMPACT CENTRE (a faith based developmental initiative), Resident Pastor at the CUT Residence Church in Bloemfontein and Director of SMILE Music (Training, Publishing and Music Production Company).He has authored a number of Inspirational Books, the most recent being BLACK TENDENCIES where he launches an affront to tendencies that hinder progress for many black people.


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