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Meet Sindy Mabe

Sindy Mabe is a well-known and much-respected South African television presenter.

Before a spell on ANN7, Sindy was instrumental in establishing ‘Morning Edition’ on eTV and then eTV’s breakfast show ‘Sunrise’. She also anchored SABC’s weekend flagship programme ‘Weekend Live’ on SABC2 as both producer and anchor of the ‘News in 60 Seconds’. As a working mom, Sindy Mabe has learned to successfully balance work and family, by 

creating a strong support structure to ensure that her commitments to her clients is not compromised. A much-awarded industry professional, holds a national diploma in business management and a entrepreneurship certificate from the Wits Business School. She also has a BA in management and leadership from Logos University

recent clients/events

Transnet National Port Authority, Inaugural HQ Awards

Youth Employment Awards South Africa

National Department of Human Settlements Development Summit

The Deputy Mayor’s ‘Women Entrepreneurs’ Event’ (in Durban)

CWEN, Women’s Conference


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