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Meet Ronald Muringai

Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Executive Coach And MC Extroadinaire

Ronald Muringai inspires businesses and their employees to become EXCELLENT performers in whatever role they find themselves in. He is passionate about spurring on employees to become EXCELLENT in whatever they do, be it on the job and in their own lives too. An inspirational speaker who also speaks on sales, customer service, team building and performance improvement, Ronald draws from his decades’ experience as in retail, sales, marketing and business development and shares his war stories as practical examples in his talks.

He is a founder and director of MCI International which has interests in
brand communication, training & skills development. His vast experience
in the corporate world gave him business understanding and his
entrepreneurial ventures gifted him with wisdom to connect and inspire.
His message is as relevant to a lady cleaning the streets as to an executive
at the Stock Exchange, providing them both with the motivation to
achieve more.


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