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Meet Milton Nkosi

With more than 20 years in the journalism world, BBC Africa Bureau Analyst and Correspondent Milton Nkosi has many stories and experiences

He studied teaching in civil engineering. Upon completion he then began freelancing for Visnews now Reuters TV, NBC News and BBC News as an assistant producer. He joined the BBC Johannesburg bureau in 1990 just before the release of Nelson Mandela during the latter years of apartheid rule, he covered all the township wars and the subsequent political negotiations that followed. In 1993 he was appointed as producer, this was during the assassination of Chris Hani.

In 1996 Milton was appointed Africa Producer for BBC News and in July 2000 after a successful board in London Milton was appointed Bureaux Editor. In July 2004 Milton became the very first recipient of One BBC’s Global Ambassador Award. Milton is a board member of the Southern Africa Foreign Correspondents Association, and a member of the South Africa National Editor’s Forum. 


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