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Meet Joshua Maponga

Maponga Joshua III has spent years in the corporate, religious and social space- a time that has made him own the title a ‘creative powerhouse’.

Maponga is the CEO of the institute Farmers of Thought, a core business a consciousness and improve the quality of human experiences than the quantity of days. He is a pragmatic African citizen with a global view “Think globally and act locally” as he says it. He plays dozen musical instruments, he is an author, life coach and social entrepreneur-indeed is a man of no limitations. Maponga is a graduate of Andrews University (Berrien Springs Michigan USA); he holds a Degree in Philosophy (BA Theology) and Persona Ministries, with a

 variety of Outcome-based qualifications from international institutes such as ILO (International Labor Organization). He has a wide range of experience in branding, banking , non-profit organisations, project management space with multinational companies such as Vodacom, SAPO, Absa, World Vision, SETA, PRASA, SALGA, Milpark College and SAPS, to mention a few. His involvement in the corporate space includes motivation, crisis management, business negotiations, strategic sessions, change management, material development and turn-key solutions in consultancy.


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