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Meet Jabu Stone

Over two decades ago, Jabu Stone Natural Hair founder Jabu Stone decided to turn his back on the growing trend of Western style fashions and culture norms to which African people were losing their identities.

He was concerned with the extent to which African people, both male and female, denied the beauty of their own natural hair texture by flattening it with damaging relaxers, perms and similar produces. As a young man who’d just completed studies in engineering and business, Jabu was looking for a way to leave his mark on the world. Jabu knew, however, that to truly get the style on the map he would have to get the interest of the salons. He decided to open his own salon and ‘rent a chair’ in the downtown ‘Alex Hair Salon’. At this time the Jabu Sone brand did not exist. Jabu sold his product in a blank tub. When deciding that the product needed a name, the friends and family that had supported him along the way where quick to point out that what better name than the person who had put so many years into the product and style – ‘Jabu Stone’.

Today, the styles that Jabu embraced and loved (such as locks, braids and afros) are commonplace in South Africa. People are proud to keep it natural and express themselves through their amazing hair styles. The Jabu Stone Natural Hair Care range of products allows people to celebrate their natural look in a more refined way by enabling them to take control of their hair and style it in countless ways without damaging it. In building his brand, Jabu Stone has managed to revolutionize African hair styles and hair care and broken stereotypes – one simply has to turn on the TV or walk down the street to notice how natural hair has taken root.


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