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The Story About Natural Hair Specialist Jabu Stone

Over two decades ago, Jabu Stone decided to turn his back on the growing trend of Western-style fashions and cultural norms influencing and forcing African people into following and losing their identities. He was concerned with the extent to which African people, both male and female, denied themselves the beauty of their natural hair texture by flattening it with damaging relaxers, perms and similar produce.

Jabu Stone shares his Jabu Stone Natural Hair journey

Jabu Stone is the founder of Jabu Stone Natural Hair, a company which promotes natural hair care and pride in natural looks and heritage to Africans worldwide.

The Jabu Stone Theatre of Hair explains: How to start your dreadlocks

The name Jabu Stone is synonymous with hair care, especially dreadlocks, and his love of natural hair combined with his entrepreneurial spirit were the driving force behind one of the most successful brands in South Africa.


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