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Meet Hector The Motivator

Hector is more than a motivational speaker, programme director and team builder

Like his hero Myles Munroe, Hector believes each individual (and organization) is created with immense potential and a unique set of attributes designed for a specific purpose. Life, therefore is about maximizing potential for achieving our purpose and as a born communicator, Hector’s always understood the power words have to inspire and motivate action. After discovering he had an affinity for radio broadcasting, Hector decided it would be his mission to inspire and uplift others with his passions. His careers in motivation and radio began in Varsity, when his love for the medium led to him teaming up with a group of students to 

establish the first campus radio station. Hector’s radio shows were a mix of entertainment and uplifting content and this experience marked the beginning of his motivational crusade. Hector’s messages are designed to cut across creed, culture and other social barriers, and to appeal to South Africans regardless of race, age, gender or economic status. A firm believer in accessibility and fostering a genuine connection with his listeners and audiences, Hector takes pride in being R.E.A.L – an acronym be developed to emphasis his focus on: Results, Entertainment, Authenticity, and Listening.


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