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‘Conversations with my younger self’

I don’t know how many people experience this, but when you’re about to sleep at night with the world shut out after a long tiring day, you reflect back on the events that unfolded during the day. But sometimes you look back at more than that.

The ugly truth…

As I drove past Rosebank Hospital this morning, I saw an image of myself running into the hospital wearing my pale blue floral pumps and navy blazer, braids tied up and they bounced when I ran into the emergency section and then to the top reception. Three years later and I can still see it all in my mind, the details and the emotion creeps up when I least expect it.

Thirty FREE

I turned 33 this month, I have never been so happy to get older. I guess it’s because 32 was a year of knowledge for me and that was reason enough for me look to forward with hope.


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