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The Focus

There is something unique about coaching that is different than just advice giving and information. My focus is on taking you from a functional level to an optimal level. Squeeze every last drop of potential out of you. My coaching is done once a week, can be done on the phone, skype or in person. This allows us to follow up on progress or when you feel need to.


The value in this is you will change your mind. When we change the way we view the world the world around us changes.

Are You Stuck?

At times we do not realise that the feeling of being “stuck” is due to limiting beliefs that are unconscious so we not even aware of how we are sabotaging our thoughts. These are beliefs, ideas and thoughts that are literary getting in the way of us achieving what we want to achieve. By us working together to get through these limiting beliefs you are able to get in-touch with what these are and push through them and break through, so you actually have the ability to go and get what you want from life.

Create Your Own Life

The unconscious mind is not out to get you but rather to GET FOR YOU what ever you want in life. If you believe you are stuck, It will get you just that! Its not about fixing its about CREATING the life you want.


Change is not comfortable, you would need to have intention and a desire to change in order to break through your comfort zone.


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