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Get ready to be inspired and empowered by Callan Abrahams, An AIambassador and acclaimed speaker. Her magnetic energy, combined withher passion for inclusive business and social change, makes her anunforgettable presence on stage. Her powerful insights on leveraging datastrategy, machine learning, and applied data science to drive businesssuccess will captivate audiences and inspire them to embrace the limitlesspossibilities of the digital age.

Purpose & Legacy:

  • Callan Abrahams is deeply committed tocreating a lasting legacy that extends beyondbusiness and technology.
  • With a heartfelt purpose, she strives torevolutionize industries by championinginclusivity, diversity, and innovation,particularly for marginalized communities.
  • Her legacy lies in bridging the gap betweencutting-edge technology and the empowermentof underrepresented voices, ensuring thateveryone has a seat at the table.
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Callan Abrahams

Tech Thought Leader

Trends, Disruption Technology, 4IR & Innovation


Callan Abrahams - Youth in Business and Entrepreneurship

Callan Abrahams, 28, is a heroic youth who readily uses data science to solve many problems facing the country.


Callan Abrahams is an expert in AI, ML and Data Strategy; Callan Abrahams is a leader of one of South Africa’s fastest growing Fintech companies, Data-Led Insights.

COOL KID : Callan Abrahams

There is a new cool kid on the block, so look no further. Twenty-three-year old Callan Abrahams is a third year BSc Economics and Mathematics student, activist, maths geek, and entrepreneur.


The Future of Work: Adapting and Thriving in an IA Driven Era

Problem-Solving with AI

Commercial Analysis of Digital Products and Services

Harnessing the Power of Predictive Analytics

Digital Transformation: Innovation and Technology

AI Ethics & Regulation

Diversity in Data and Ethics


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