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Meet Criselda Dudumashe

Criselda Kananda Dudumashe is a South African motivational speaker, activist, radio DJ, counselor, ex-nurse, medical underwriter, and television presenter best known for hosting various radio shows on Metro FM.

Criselda Kananda has worked in the corporate sector with different government departments on implementing workplace wellness programs nationally and internationally. Criselda Kananda Dudumashe also owns a consultancy and talk service called Positive Talk Services, which focuses on workplace wellness programs, Self-development, growth, personal financial management, psychological wellbeing, nutrition, rest and recreation, love, life and relationships, health, and sexually transmitted disease management. Criselda Kananda served as a Member of the Board of Trustees at the National AIDS Counsel (SANEC) 2005-2006, was a board member of South African Food Gardens Foundation, to mention a few. 

She is also a strategic advisor for Khomanani, government comprehensive communication plan 2003- to date. She started a radio talk show called Positive Talk in 2003 on KAYA FM, focusing on how HIV and AIDS impacts on health, wellness, socio-economic imbalances. She now co-produces and hosts a show focusing on a healthy body, mind, and spirit on Metro FM every Wednesday and Thursday evening from 19h00 to 21h00. Criselda also recorded an eight-track Positive Talk CD and wrote a Booklet focusing on holistic wellness, and has a website which educates and gives people access to basic information about wellness and provides a platform of sharing of life challenges and successes without being judged.


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