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Making the world a better place with Buti Mnyakeni

Making the world a better place is the one thing Buti Mnyakeni believes in. Besides being a leadership practitioner and owning a company, he is an author and a motivational speaker with a passion in human capital development.

Males Can Be Feminists Too: Buti Mnyakeni Interview

Many of you might not be aware, but there is a man at TUT making waves with the students. One of my personal favourites (I’m not ashamed to admit) is Buti Mnyakeni who I initially knew as an author yet later found out to be a man with a couple of tricks up his sleeves.

‘Move on from your past’ – new book inspires to start anew

Buti says he wrote his second book, The Art of Starting Afresh, to help people build a positive perception of themselves.


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