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There are all kinds of soft drinks, cars, watches and sneakers, but those who matter most and have a ‘top of the mind awareness’ are Coca Cola, BMW, Rolex, and Nike. The reason why they matter is because they are strong brands. Billy shares with his audiences strategies of transforming oneself from just being one of the employees to being a powerful and distinct brand which captures ‘top of the mind awareness’ in your operational sphere while ensuring that you not only get opportunities but that they come to you – because you are a Brand and that makes you Matter.


From Barefoot to Snakeskin Shoes™

Here Billy shares principles which have transformed him from being a very negative, lazy, directionless and a victim mentality driven individual to being a world renowned Inspirational Speaker, Best Selling Author, Businessmen, Personal and Team Effectiveness specialist.

He tells this story with passion, enthusiasm, humor and yet with high content and relevance to a variety of audiences. He uses the Power of story to tell a narrative which is real, filled with humbling moments and yet it can be your story too.

He has enthralled audiences from Youths to Executives all around the world.

This keynote can be customized to ensure relevancy to the audience.

Essence of the Message:


  • Your circumstances do not determine your destiny.
  • Failure is an ingredient for success.
  • There is so much we can learn from each other, only if we listened with humility.
  • Hard work must be propelled by a great attitude for results.
  • We are all writing a new chapter in our stories everyday, you choose to make the story negative or positive.
  • Success is not a preserve of the few each one of us can achieve it

The Power of Possibility™

The essence of this keynote is to answer the question of POSSIBILITY… As a young black person born in a poor neighbor hood in South Africa. There were no prospects for anything, young people were faced with a bleak future.

Amidst these challenges, he believed that success was achievable … he started multiple businesses and failed dramatically, each defeat was met with “we told you so “from friends and family.

When he quite his Job to start his Professional Speaking Business many thought he was mentally disturbed and need help. He knew deep down inside that it could be done. He enlisted the help of mentors in business to assist him on this journey.

Eventually he was able to move his family from poverty , travel the world , build and grow a Global Speaking Business achieve the highest designation in Speaking CSP ( Certified Speaking Professional ) and officially rated the No 1 Inspirational Speaker in Africa.

Essence of the Message:


  • How far are you willing to push yourself to be the testimony of THE POWER OF POSSIBILITY?
  • He shares a powerful narrative with world applicable principles which have seen ordinary men and women, Captains of industry, Celebrities et al transform their lives to the next level after this engagement.

The Bridge Builder

The are 3 fundamental things that a Leaders needs to do:


  1.  Sell the Vision to everyone in the organization, to deal with doubters and non-believers. The CEO should be the Chief Sales Person for the Brand and Vision; he must do that each and every time he interacts with all the organizational populace, clients, stakeholders and his/ her EXCO.
  2. He must let each and everyone know their roles and responsibilities in their journey in pursuit of the Vision.
  3. He must create a happy place for everyone, there should be no discrimination according to rank and pay grades, each member is part of the while and therefore everyone is important.

If the above make for a Great Leader how then does a Leaders become a Bridge Builder.

Well here Billy uses the story of Henry V as an illustration of how a Leader who no one believed in can turn the hearts and minds of the people and get them to achieve something was almost believed to be impossible.

It not the superiority of your products and services which produces long term and sustainable success it is how the Leaders galvanizes the organization and moves it forward.

Great Leaders use the power of Story to inspire and take people to war and in so doing creates an environment wherein people are willing to die for the Leader and the organization.

It is the Leader they connect with before any other facet of the organization.

Bill uses this moving story as an Illustration on how each Leader no matter how big or small an organization he/she is Leading will be faced with heavy and sometimes impossible to beat odds.

When that time comes, each Leader must be the The Bridge Builder between the “AS IS “and the “TO BE “… that’s the difference between a Leader and a Great Leaders.

Awakening the Spirit of Tribal Consciousness™

How have organizations changed through the years, are we a reflection of a “new world “or not. In this Keynote Billy looks at the foundational flaws of modern organizations which are driven by a model created by The Romans 2 BC and yet people still believe that this model is relevant. He looks at the essence of Africa Tribal Structures versus the modern organization and how Afrocentric wisdom can be applied for modern business application. He tells the story of the Battle of Isandlwana and looks at how the British suffered their greatest Imperial Defeat of all times in the hands of barefooted men, who were dimmed unsophisticated. He shares some forgotten principle which governed and made Africa at some point in history the centre of the world. He shares with his audience how that knowledge He uses very powerful principles which are still in use though now not as prominent because of the lost in translation and acculturation process. The Story is amazing and exceptionally deep, with amazing lessons to be learned and taught to both Leaders and Organizational populace to instill alignment and cohesion.


  • Afrocentric wisdom can be merged with Western / American / Eastern to assist in building amazing organizational who are not only driven by profit but that they can also give meaning to people who work there and make positive contribution to generations going forward.
  • UBUNTU in action.



Stand Up and Deliver™

This keynote deal with Peak performance issues from People, Team and Organizational perspective. The backdrop of this keynote is the legendary production of Phantom of The Opera.

He uses his 1st personal encounter with this production, how it impacted his life and how he eventually became a student of the production.

He shares the power of this production to bring home a strong message about Performance Culture, how it permeates from Individuals, Team and eventually affects the whole organization.

How once each individual in any Team creates a in depth appreciation of their role in the success of the team and organization, wakes up from a slumber and performs.

He shares strategies of how teams should bond and leave behind pettiness. How leaders should galvanises their people and how organizational Brands either suffers or grows because of the collective.


  • Each individual can enhance their performance through awareness
  • Teams are a fusion of different skills and individuals, collectively this can create magic.
  • An intrinsic understanding of the Value chain, its effect on performance and growth.
  • How what you do affects people you don’t even know either positively or negatively
  • Raise the level of consciousness, raise the level of performance and results will follow.



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