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Azim Jamal: The 45 People Who Made Vancouver Better | Vancouver Magazine

Azim Jamal: A life can change over a single cab ride. Jamal was heading back to his hotel room in Karachi after visiting an Afghan refugee camp. What he’d seen there, he said, “shook my soul. I was crying like a baby, shivering and sweating.

The power of

Giving is one of the most potent forces in the universe. The more you give, the more you create and innovate. The more you give, the more you tap into your genius and potential. Giving is a grace and it invites abundance.

What You Seek is Seeking You


The Corporate Sufi

Discover the uncommon connection between the ageold Sufi philosophy and living and working in the 21st century.

Business, Balance & Beyond

A book that teaches you the equal and overlapping importance of three vital components of any business life cycle:

  • Business: combining engagement, empowerment, efficiency, leadership and capacity building
  • Balance: comprising internal and external richness, and
  • Beyond Business: teaching the significance of success and happiness, for yourself and for others.


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