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Amonge Sinxoto, a young mind with the spirit of ’76

43 years post the Soweto Uprising, the fight for equality in education and the voices of young people to be heard is still upon us.

Although the fight might be inclusive of 280 characters on twitter or a hashtag on Instagram, the biggest battle like in 1976 is a mental one and Amonge Sinxoto is doing all she can to realize that.

“You are always in a position to change something” – Amonge Sinxoto

Amonge Sinxoto is a co-founder of Blackboard Africa, a non-profit organization, for youth by youth, intended to empower the African youth through leadership and mentorship training.

Amonge Sinxoto Named One of the Global Teen Leaders for 2019

Co-founder of Blackboard Africa, Amonge Sinxoto has just been selected as one of 2019’s Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leaders (GTLs).


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