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Meet Adewale Adejumo

Adewale is one of the leading local experts and entrepreneurs on online shopping and ECommerce.

With over 9 years experience starting, running and selling online businesses, his speaking content focuses on creating informative and inspirational YouTube videos, podcasts and articles for online entrepreneurs in Africa. He has the very unique experience of having found sustainable success and multiple revenue streams online in Southern Africa with no start-up funding or government support.

However, he also understands the harsh environments and realities that South Africans face when it comes to creating online businesses as he has also learnt all the hard and harsh lessons. Recently he has spoken on the TEDx stage, in South Korea twice and has been invited to numerous panels and events as a guest speaker or panel expert by brands such as Start-Up Grind, uAfrica, Payfast, Johnnie Walker and many more.

Speaking Topics

  1. Entrepreneurship in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  2. Inspiration for African entrepreneurs
  3. Making money online / Creating Sustainable businesses online
  4. ECommerce
  5. Fintech in effects on online shopping


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